Google AdSense for Newbies

By Karl Warren

In this article we will discuss the advantages and benefits which the Google AdSense program affords to fledgling internet marketers. Launched in 2003, AdSense has fast become the market leader in pay-per-click content related advertising. The buzz surrounding the program can be witnessed everywhere. Webmasters and bloggers are able to easily incorporate related text advertisements into their own content, when a visitor clicks on an advertisement Google pays a percentage of their earnings to the webmaster. Literally millions of websites use AdSense to monetize their traffic.

Google makes billions of dollars yearly from AdSense, many other search companies now provide similar services and many internet marketers make a good living writing ebooks on the subject. If you are new to internet marketing or you are not yet realising the benefits of AdSense you should sign up as soon as possible.

Google's AdSense program is easy to use and it is also FREE. To join the program you simply fill in an online form and once approved you are able to begin placing AdSense advertisements on your own website by copying a few lines of code straight into your html. You can also customise the look and feel of the advertisements so that they blend into your site.

You do not have to be an AdSense expert to make money from the AdSense program. Whether your site is ten pages or a million pages, if your site generates traffic you can make money. It is fairly easy to achieve an extra five to ten dollars per day using AdSense, although this may not seem like a lot it is certainly worth pasting a small section of code into your site. Once you have begun to see small amounts of revenue being generated from your site you will be inspired to learn how to maximise the revenue, whether you add more content or set up other sites, or simply find ways to attract new visitors to your site - you will begin to learn more about internet marketing.

Assuming you did earn ten dollars extra per day, that's $3650 per year. Certainly worth the effort.

Google makes it easy for new webmasters to make money from their websites, one of the main reasons for failure among newbies is information overload. Making money online is a broad subject, some internet experts provide advice which contradicts the views of others - some give very broad advice and expect a newbie to work out the details for themselves, this can lead to frustration and disappointment. It is a shame, but it is difficult for a newbie to remain focused and motivated. By making the AdSense program easy to use Google allows everybody to benefit.

The formula is simple: Join the program, copy and paste the code, monitor the results and improve your website content then get paid when your visitors click on the advertisements.

When you join the AdSense program, you are putting your trust into the hands of a well respected corporation which provides support and spends billions on research and development. Remember: Google pays you a percentage of the advertising revenue so it is in their best interests to help you succeed.

Once you implement AdSense into your website and start to attract visitors, you can literally earn money while you sleep. You can earn anything from 5 cents to a few dollars for each click. It is important to bear in mind that this is all achieved by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code into your website. As your website grows, your potential earnings grow too. Website building is a popularity contest, to be popular with your visitors you must provide them with useful content, you will be rewarded with repeat visits and more traffic - the longer you continue to build your website the more money you are likely to make from AdSense.

More content = more traffic = more money for you.

It is possible to make a living solely from the AdSense program, even if your site earns you no more than a few cents per day at first, it is a start. If you grow your site and increase your popularity you will begin to see a difference. Getting started with AdSense is easy, as an internet marketer there is nothing to lose from giving AdSense a try. [source]


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