How to Get Approved Fast For Your Google AdSense Account

By Peter HC Le

You are probably thinking that I am going to tell you that you have to spend months developing your website and establishing it before submitting to for the Google AdSense approval. Truth is, you can develop your website in one day and have it approved in a super fast time frame.

People think that Google is very picky and will only pick out websites that are complete and busy. Fact, Google isn't as picky as it makes itself out to be. The trick is to make your website look like you are just providing content. However for the purpose of just getting approved limit yourself to providing content and more content!

First thing I recommend is to make your website presentable. Don't have crazy looking colors or bad design. I say make a simple to navigate and good to the eye website. You don't want to submit junk to Google as they will turn around and laugh at you. You want to look as if you know what you are doing so make your website look presentable and professional. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for this. You can grab several good looking website templates off several Internet websites and use these.

Next is that content is the most important thing that you provide for your website to be approved quickly. I recommend having 15+ pages of content on your website prior to sending it in for approval. These pages can be write ups, articles, reviews, etc. Just decent size pages, I recommend each page be at least 250 words, optimally try to achieve 500 - 700 words per page but you don't have to.

Next is to get some traffic to your website. It is not known if this is a must, but of course Google will want people to visit your website so for your sake, try to get some traffic by submitting original articles to article directory websites. Also sign yourself up at other websites that relate to your content and post your link on the forums to get some traffic to your website. Submit your website to Google and other search engines like Yahoo, etc.

After all that, you are ready to send your site to Google AdSense to get your website approved! I can guarantee if you follow this to the dot, you will get approved quickly in a matter of days and you will be on your way to making cash! After all, I've done these exact same steps and have gotten several of my clients approved quickly. [source]


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man i think even you are yourself not approved by adsense and you are teaching people how to get approved...........

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