AXLE GeForce GT 430 1GB Video Card Review

With their headquarters in Hong Kong, AXLE is well known in the Asia Pacific region and they have distributors all across the world in many countries such as Germany and Malaysia, to name a couple. They are not very known in North America but are really trying to change that.

About AXLE 3D:
AXLE International Holding Limited being NV Card Manufacturer, insist to provide the best to its customers, not only for the products but also the service. The only belief is quality maintains the survival of the company.

Established in 1988, over 20 years grew and developed under keen competition, AXLE found its own way ~ service & quality. Today, we have our factory with over 600 workforce in Mainland China with capacity of 190k per month.

Headquarter in Hong Kong, sales offices in Germany, Dubai and China, AXLE products are distributed all over the world, such as in Asia, Middle East, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe. Sales turnover exceeds US$45 million in the past financial year. Since 2000, AXLE became one of the biggest NV Card manufacturer in Asia Pacific region. This provides the most accurate information and cost advantage to AXLE.

As for the high standard of product quality & management, AXLE gained ISO9001 certified. It is also the indicator for the standard of the VGA cards in market.

In order to broaden our product line, AXLE also carried design utilizing chip sets from other vendors. Most recent products are 3D VGA cards, motherboards & power supply. Besides marketing our own products, AXLE is also very active in OEM business which account for about 30% of total sales turnover.

Besides, AXLE has introduced the brand "AXLE" into the market since 1999. It was a great success. "AXLE" is now well known in Korea, Russia, Middle East and European Markets. "AXLE" represents "Quality", in both product quality and after sales service quality. AXLE ensures you with both punctual delivery and technical support.

Here we have the AXLE GeForce GT 430, aimed at entry level and mainstream users who are on a budget or are just looking to build an HTPC system with light gaming. I mean light gaming as in using resolutions of 1280x1024 and lower with maybe a game or two above those resolutions. AXLE classifies this as their CLASSIC Edition which sticks to the reference designs of NVIDIA. While I can’t find it on sale anywhere on Google, The GT 430 series in general has a price point around $79, which I cannot say this is far from that and should carry a warranty of one year.

Looking at the specs, it is clear that the GeForce GT 430 is replacing the GT 240, which essentially replaced the 9600 GSO and all have very similar specs. Today’s review will put the AXLE GeForce GT 430 against the ASUS GeForce 9600 GSO with 512MB of memory. One thing to note is this particular GT 430 has its memory speed clocked down to 700 MHz when the normal specs for the GT 430 are 800-900MHz.


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