Remove stop words from post title

Remove stop words from your individual post title or page title. It will add some more juice to your Search Engine Optimization.But first you will surely want to know what is stop words,why its important and why to remove them. Is it have any necessity for your post or page title?Some thinks without it you can’t express your full meaning through your post title or page title. Again some of us think its unnecessary for SEO purpose. So we need some tweaking between this two needs,so here we are discussing about this topics.

Few days ago when I was searching the website of my hosting service provider ( for some SEO tips ,I came to know about a service for 10 SEO tips.I just enter my link and mail address to get the report.Next day i receive a mail containing my SEO Report of my website. Some was known issue and some was uncommon for me.As I am new at wordpress,so I had not any previous experience about stop words.After getting the report I am searching still now, though got some tips about it.Now its clear for me.

What are stop words ?

Stop words are nothing special but are just some general words we often use to complete the sense of any sentence.Like ” a,for,the,and,above,with etc ” are some example of stop words.So when we write a post or create a page we need to write its title. Let see an example. If I write the title of this post as “what is stop words and how to remove it from your post title” , then you can see the stop words from this sentences are “is,and,to,it,from“. So what will be the title without stop words,like this-”Stop words:remove from post title“.

But you are thinking that the above post title doesn’t have any sense of full sentences, your reader find it difficult to understand what are you trying to say.Ya you are almost right.But my dear it is important for SEO purpose.

What will effect if you remove stop words ?

Simply but magically it will increase your search engine visibility. You can check at any time by experimenting a post. Let’s see what are experts are saying.If you remove your stop words from the post title it will give your more exposure to search engine. How? As search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, always ignore those stop words when giving you the chance to display at search result for any search query. The always give attention on main keyword of searching query. Then if your post is without stop words then you will get far better result for any query.

How to remove stop words ?

At first I was started to remove stop words by manually(as I had 47 pages with stop words according to SEO reports) but you can’t remove this if you have too many post to edit. Plus it can make some redirection of your pages. So it is better to use any third party software or plug-in to manage this issue.

For blogger of blogspot user I can suggest to remove stop words by manually and make carefully your future post. But wordpress user can use one get plug-in named “All in One Seo Pack” to remove stop words from your entire website.

What will do All In One Seo Pack ?

This plug-in can perform all your seo task.It will add a seo title for your post,where you can use simple seo title without using stop words. People will see your main title whiBloggingpark_posttitle1ch are with stop words, then it will serve your sense of sentence. Again your seo title will be visible by search engine, though you can see this seo title in your browser status bar. Look at this picture below. Bloggingpark_posttitle2You can see the above image and compare how it will benefited you. My original post title was ” India against Corruption: Keep the spirit India “, you will see this at the post header but my SEO plugin title are different which you can see at the first image. This title is ” India against corruption ” , here you can see no stop words.So that’s how you can maintain your sentence feeling and search engine optimization both at same time.

This plug-in will help you too to add post description and post keyword for every single post. As you know putting manually this meta tag for your each and every post is quite difficult and need some codex knowledge too. So All in One SEO Pack can remove your all stress and bring you more good result from search engine.


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