Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is also called sweetcorn, Indian corn, pole corn, sugar corn; pole corn is variety of maize with high sugar content. It is result of naturally -occurring mutation in genes that control conversion of the sugar to starch inside endosperm of corn kernel.

Field corn varieties that are harvested when kernels are fully mature and dry, sweet corn is also picked immature and is eaten as vegetable. Since maturation involves in converting sugar starch, it stores poorly and eaten fresh, frozen before kernels become starchy and tough or canned. A sweet corn occurs as spontaneous mutation in the field corn and it was grown by Native American tribes.

Varieties of open pollinated sweet corn is started to become available widely in United States in 19 th century. Most enduring varieties are available still today, as Stowell's evergreen and Country Gentleman. A sweet production of corn in 20 th century was also influenced by following a key development. Same rows of these days later, ear is collection of the kernels on cob due to corn in monocot, there is number of rows of kernel, ear is also covered by the tightly wrapped leaved and is called hush. While silk is name for styles of pistillate flowers that emerge from husk.

Sweet corn is eaten traditionally with beans, plant is deficient in essential amino acid happens to abundant in other, together sweet corn and the bens form balanced diet in absence of the meat. Kernels are steamed and boiled, it is usually served having salt and butter, in China, Europe, Korea, and Japan are used often as pizza topping, is salad. Pudding corn is found in early area of world. It can be great within single country, can generally based over cornmeal. Meal of people corn is consumed as mush in the countries. Within Southern United is known as pole core or grits stew, popular method of the corn consumption.


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