OlivePad, iPad Made in India

OlivePad, iPad Made in India. Since the emergence of the iPad, a tablet PC into popular gadgets. No wonder these things contributed to the emergence of ‘iPad’ other created by the vendors from various countries, including India. This is it, ‘iPad’ made in India that is named OlivePad.

iPad is not yet formally entered India. But it turns out, consumers in the country seemed quite pleased Bollywood has its own local product form similar to the iPad. Besides OlivePad, already available in India also Galaxy Tab from Samsung.

OlivePad an Android-based tablet product released Froyo Olive Telecom, telecom operator in India. To lure consumers, OlivePad certainly be cheaper than the iPad or Galaxy Tab, which is about Rs 23,000 or about $ 450.

OlivePad with 7 inch screen and supports video conferencing, using 3G connectivity, Bluetooth and WiFi and also has a GPS to map-based navigation. Tablet with USB ports on the IPAD itself can also be used to push mail, MMS and voice calls. There are also 2 cameras at the front and back, one by one are 1.3 megapixels and 3 megapixel camera.

The absence of some features on OlivePad may be disappointing some people, among them the lack of HDMI. In addition, using a chipset OlivePad speed 600 MHz ARM11 thus making it more slowly. When compared with Galaxy Tab for example, with the Cortex A8 processor, has a speed of 1 GHz Galaxy Tab.


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