SUN Magic Zone Mindanao

Sun Cellular’s newest SIM keeps Mindanao connected!

Whether the pristine landscapes of the region, its scrumptious fruits and delicacies, or the pleasing hospitality of its people that seems most enjoyable to local and foreign visitors, Mindanao is truly one of the best place to be, as its residents get more connected now with the newest Sun Magic Zone Mindanao.

Sun Cellular has recently launched Sun Magic Zone Mindanao, a prepaid SIM specifically designed to make Mindanao more accessible for its locals by offering unlimited services within the region. Start calling and texting your family, friends and loved ones who reside in Mindanao as it is made a whole lot easier with the wide coverage and most affordable rates brought about by Sun Magic Zone Mindanao.

At a pleasantly surprising price of P20, Sun Magic Zone Mindanao SIM is packed with unlimited calls and texts to Sun Magic Zone Mindanao and Sun Subscribers in Mindanao, with free initial load valid for two days. Staying connected has never been this light on the wallet.

As Mindanao becomes one of Sun Cellular’s special zones in the country, those who use Sun Magic Zone Mindanao SIMS can avail of the four most affordable Call and Text Unlimited products which they can use to call and text other Sun Mzone and Sun Cellular subscribers in Mindanao. The P10 Sun Magic Zone Mindanao Call and Text Unlimited is valid for 1 day, P15 is also valid for 1 day, the P50 is valid for 7 days, while the P200 is valid for 30 days.

Regular Sun prepaid loads may also be converted to Sun Magic Zone Mindanao loads by Sun Magic Zone Mindanao SIM users by texting MCTU10, MCTU15, MCTU50, or MCTU200 to 247.

Sun Magic Zone Mindanao users can still make calls and send messages to subscribers of other networks, international numbers, or Sun subscribers outside of Mindanao by simply loading any Sun prepaid load like Sun Cellular’s Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) and Call and Text Combo (CTC) products.

On top of that, Sun Cellular subscribers anywhere in the Philippines may call and text any Sun Magic Zone Mindanao subscriber as part of their call and text unlimited services.

Before the year ends, Mindanao will house more cell sites for its subscribers to provide wider network coverage and a stronger signal within the island, helping Sun users in Mindanao stay in touch and updated with the people around them at rates that are easy on you and your family.

For more information on Sun Cellular and its products and services, visit or call the Sun hotline by dialling 200 on any Sun Cellular powered mobile phone. You can also view Sun Cellular’s most recent updates at and at

Meanwhile, now that Christmas is over and we are all into the energy and excitement of 2011, there is another important event that people are looking forward to - Chinese New Year on February 3! It’s time to greet family and friends Kung Hei Fat Choi!

To do that at a cost-efficient way and not miss out on anybody from your mobile phone list, you need the ‘perfect’ product – Sun Call and Text Combo 10 (CTC 10). For only P10, you are entitled to a whole day of 10 minutes Sun calls, 40 Sun texts and 10 texts to other networks!

Cheers to the Chinese New Year and call your BFF, send greetings to your crush, significant other and just about anybody on your address book, whether or not they are under the Sun network. And that’s for only P10 a day. Unbeatable indeed!

Visit the nearest loading center now and get hold of Sun CTC10 for a great Chinese New Year. You may also avail of the CTC10 via load conversion by texting CTC10 to 247. To know more about Sun Cellular’s value-added prepaid products and services, call the Sun Hotline 200 using your Sun-powered mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline phone. Log on to, visit the Facebook page or tweet via for more updates and latest offerings from Sun Cellular.


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