Android Sound Box’s eyes look out of place

Ever watched the Japanese superhero series Ultraman? Well, apart from the iconic signature finishing moves that the particular Ultraman uses to save Japan from intergalactic monstrosities, their bug eyes are another endearing facial feature. Well, the same can be said of this Android Sound Box, making your allegiance clear to everyone else in the office where mobile operating systems are concerned. Mom always said not to judge a book by its cover, so I will let those slanted bug eyes not, er, bug me, as I take you through the list of features after the jump.

It is interesting to note that this Sound Box is so simple, it actually bears no cables, which means it works over the Bluetooth spectrum. Changing tracks is a snap – just twist his head and you will be able to enjoy the track of your choice. Want to stop or play a paused track? Not a problem – just push down on his head.

Juicing him up is done via USB, so for those who remain at their work desks all day long, it might be a better idea to leave him connected throughout the time you are seated there.

Heck, he does not only play back your audio, he functions as a speakerphone as well, thanks to a built-in microphone. £19.95 for this piece of cute plastic – any takers?


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