Apple's brand new operating system Lion OS X!

Since Apple’s official announcement of Mac OS Lion last October, there’s not been so much as a peep, let alone a roar, on the new operating system. We know to expect Lion at some point this summer, but as summer fast approaches, all we know about Lion is what Apple has told us (full-screen apps, Launchpad and Mission Control).

However, TechCrunch is reporting it’s got wind of a few OS X Lion tidbits. First, they claim that OS X Lion will have a major user interface overhaul. With Apple already introducing Launchpad, Mission Control and full-screen apps as key features of Lion — all user interface related — as well as saying its bringing the best of iOS to the Mac, it’s not too far a stretch to expect we’ll see some further significant changes to the new version of OS X. Unfortunately, that’s all TechCrunch has got to say on the matter.

Second, in light of the above, TechCrunch says, “we’re hearing that a developer beta [of Lion] should begin soon.” With summer about four months away, developers will need time to prepare for the new UI features. While there’s not much to corroborate this claim, MacRumors reports they’ve heard “…whispers that Lion may begin seeding soon,” too.


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