Belkin surge protectors hit town

IT peripherals maker Belkin has brought to the Philippines, a country known for its unstable power supply, its line of surge protectors that can save not gadgets but precious lives as well.
Belkin said that while most electronic devices are pretty reliable, the same cannot be said electricity supply which can be sporadic, especially in remote areas.

“Flaky electricity supply can also occur as the result of extreme weather. Residents of storm prone areas will be aware that a lightning strike can destroy every electrical device in the home, even if it’s not operational at the time, but merely plugged in,” the company said.

Belkin said although extreme occurrences are rare, a surge protector will give consumers peace of mind, especially if they’ve experienced problems in the past.

“But even minor fluctuations can interfere with our modern equipment, and these are far more likely. You may not even be aware of interruptions to the supply which are slowly ruining your refrigerator or killing your computer. Unlike irons or hairdryers, these are items which tend to remain hooked up to the mains at all times, and as such, they’re more vulnerable,” it said.

A Belkin surge protector, it added, is a custom device for diverting or absorbing excessive blasts of energy. It’s MOV, or Metal Oxide Varistor, will “earth” or “ground” power away from devices. Electrical spikes are therefore routed harmlessly away.

When using a Belkin surge protector, the user only needs to plug the device into an electric outlet anywhere in the house and then run all other electronic appliances through the protector.

The surge protection circuitry kicks in automatically once surges occur so there is no need to monitor anything once it is plugged in. While especially large “attacks” can destroy a surge protector, frequent ‘low level wobbles’ shouldn’t be a problem, the company said.

“Every Belkin Surge Protector is therefore fitted with a green indicator light so you can rest assured your protector is functioning correctly with an occasional glance,” it said.


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