Dell Streak 10 Pro shown off in photograph

The Dell Streak 10 Pro was officially announced earlier in June, but since then there hasn’t been any news about it. Until recently, when a tipster decided to leak a photograph of the tablet posing next to the original Dell Streak and the Dell Streak 7. So if you’re wondering how big the Dell Streak 10 Pro is going to be – you have a pretty good idea of how it stacks up against Dell’s older tablets. Then again, you could always just hold another 10″ Android tablet on the market, it shouldn’t be too far off in terms of size.

What’s interesting about the photograph is that the Dell Streak 7 is shown to be running on Android Honeycomb. The tablet was launched with Android 2.2 Froyo, so could this be a sign of an upcoming update? Dell Streak 7 owners sure hope so. The Dell Streak 10 Pro will be released in China this week, and other developing countries soon. No word on whether it will make its way to the US, but I guess that will depend on demand and response to the tablet.


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