HTC Puccini Backside Revealed

Like the HTC Thunderbolt, the Motorola Droid Bionic has been suffering from a case of delay and no confirmed release date. With people waiting for the device ever since it was introduced at CES 2011 (which was way back in January), people are still holding out for the phone until now. Despite being spotted in Best Buy ads and the unverified Bionic Twitter account posting cryptic clues, we still don’t have a confirmed date yet.

However, the folks over at Droid-Life have got some new sources that have provided them a new date to look forward to: September 1st. According to their sources, Motorola has told Verizon that they should expect the device in early September which corroborates with other reports they’ve been hearing about September 1st. Well, until Verizon or Motorola officially announce it, we can’t be sure but until then keep those fingers crossed.


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