Inlet Concept Provides Power

These days, we are all looking for ways to cut costs. And energy is one of the big ones. Now, a lot of folks are really starting to look at solar, wind, and geothermal energy to help lower their energy costs over the long haul. But some companies are looking for auxilliary ways to boost energy savings. One such concept is the inlet. Now, mind you, I don’t usually like posting on concepts. But this one is a great idea that could gain ground.

The Inlet is the brainchild of Carla Diana and Jeff Hoefs of Smart Design. The concept is simple. You have outlets all over your house which draw power from the grid. How about an inlet that puts power back to the grid? Exercise equipment would be a great example of an instant energy generating device that could put power back. And heat from various items like ovens could also be retrofitted with attachments to capture lost heat. I’m sure light bulbs would be another great one.

Speaking of exercise equipment generation. One such company in Portland, Green MicroGym, is already one step in front of this type of thinking. They retrofitted all their aerobic machines to generate electricity. Now they powering the place on that electricity. Not only that, but they are giving power back to the grid. In fact, each member gets a $10 voucher for local businesses with every 10 hours of working out. I love this idea all around. That’s American ingenuity at work!

It’s high time we start really pushing the innovation envelope here. And by that, I mean, start doing something. America is behind the curve here. Maybe this economy will get us off our duff – it’s nigh time.


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