Laptop Desk Buddy: 10 USB Ports, Multi-Card Reader, LAN, SIM, Audio, MIC all in one

The difference of a desktop PC and laptop of course desktop PC functionality more than a laptop but with the help of this gadget will improve the functionality of your laptop. Laptop Desk Buddy is a gadget that contains a variety of ports (all in one) for different purposes and functions to overcome limitations of existing port on a laptop and make it very functional like a desktop PC.

In the box measuring 72 x 220 x 22 mm, there were 10 USB ports, Multi Card reader (CF, XD, MS, microSD), Speaker and Mic, LAN, Mic and Audio line out. How, very complete right?

Apparently not all the excess Laptop Desk Buddy, was inside there is also a slot for a SIM card so that you can use it to connect to the Internet so it can communicate with your other friends either through Skype or Yahoo Mesengger or just browsing.

From all that, which is unique here a SIM card slots (SIM card) where you can use to chat via IM, Skype and others, cool right?

Apparently this gadget made ??of china so the price is also cheap at only US $ 24.65.


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