LG Introduce LX9500 the World’s First Full LED 3D TV

Home Entertainments of the South Korean company the LG Electronics, has introduced their brand new World’s First Full LED 3D TV with named LG LX9500. This 3D LED TV features 22.3mm thick with fully LED backlit which will provide a awesome contrast ratio along with great brightness and colors.

The LG Electronics will released this 3D tvs in two sizes, the 45-inch and 55-inch. These monitor will supports a full 1080p resolution, refresh rate of 400Hz which will work well with LG’s active shutter glasses. The TV also has an internet features such ad Skype video calls with the optional camera.

The 47-inch LG LX9500 3D LED TV will be available to purchase just a week from today, this LX9500 3D TVs price in Korea market is arround 4.7 million or about $4134. And will be available in North America and Europe in eary May 2010.


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