LG launched Blu-ray super-multi DVD writer and Full HD desktop PC

LG electronics has launched their Blu-ray compatible Full HD desktop PCs and a Blu-ray super-multi DVD writer and they also plans to release a Blu-ray DVD player and a Blu-ray disc by the end of this year, aiming the Audio/ Video and storage market.

LG’s Blu-ray RW, the Super Multi Blue (GBW-H10N), can store up to 25 GB f your data on a single disk. It can write Blu-ray Recordable Discs at the speed of 4x and Blu-ray Rewritable Discs at 2x. It is compatible with all sizes of Blu-ray disk and also compatible with standard CDs and DVDs. LG will initially sell their Super Multi Blue in Korea and major European markets including Germany and France.

LG Electronics’ XPION X600 series can plays Full HD video and exciting 3D games with its Super Multi Blue drive and nVIDIA’s top graphic card the GeForce 7900GT 256MB included. You can enjoy your own HD content created using an HD digital camcorder or watch Blu-ray Discs released by major studios. It uses the first graphics chipset incorporating High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), the standard for protecting copyrighted content. This computer features a Intel’s dual core Pentium D945 3.4GHz processor, a 320GB hard disk and 1GB of DDR2 memory. LG also included a 14-in-1 flash memory multi-card reader for its multimedia features.


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