LG's 3D office projectors are ready to entertain the staff

If we can distract your sympathies from that rather unfortunately bespectacled product waif for a second, we'd like to tell you about LG's latest 3D projectors for the office. The LG BX327 pumps 3,200 lumens for 1,300,000KRW (about $1,090) while the BX327 scales things back to 2,700 lumens for 1,000,000KRW (about $837). Otherwise, both feature a 2,300:1 contrast, stereo speakers, and a USB jack for sourcing documents, videos, and photos directly off of a USB stick. Unfortunately, LG's not offering much detail here. But you can still imagine the fun you'll have dressing up your luddite executive team in those massive 3D glasses. Oh yes sir, you look magnificent.


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