Mini Digital Microscope For iPhone 4 Review–Big Zoom, Tiny Package

The folks out at Chinavasion, who have sent us a lot of great gear, sent out one of their Mini Digital Microscopes for iPhone 4, and the end result is a deeply unexpected one. It’s a strange little device, but if you have an iPhone and like getting a better look at stuff, well, you’re going to be abundantly satisfied.

Chinavasion’s Mini Digital Microscope for iPhone 4 offers up, very simply, a microscope with an included frame, so it can attach easily to your iPhone 4′s camera aperture. From there, you’ll be able to open up a whole new look on things with its 60x magnification. Plus, you’ll even have a couple bonus options in the form of a pair of LED lights, as well as one extra light that shows in ultraviolet, as well as a sliding focus.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a niche product. Okay, it’s a lot of a niche product. But if you ever wanted to use your iPhone for an up-close view of things, illuminated in your choice of light spectra, well, this is exactly what you’re after.

The device is mostly mechanical, so the learning curve isn’t exactly what you’d call steep. Flipping a switch one way gets you light, the other way gets you UV light, and parking it in the center shuts the whole thing down. Slide the whole thing in and out for changes in focus. It’s almost too simple to screw up, really, and it works reasonably well.

The question is, though, are you going to want a 60x microscope for your iPhone? It’s not going to work with any other phone–not even other devices–so you’ll be out in the cold with Android devices. But still, even if you don’t want the microscope, it’s actually still worthwhile as a surprisingly bright light, as well as an ultraviolet light, which is great for retail store owners who want to check for counterfeit bills. This light turned my wallet into an odyssey of exploration.

And here’s the great news–whether or not you have to have this or you’d just like to have it, Chinavasion’s going to make you a great offer for it. How great? How’s $10.78 worth of great? Yeah, pretty great, isn’t it? Getting an ultra-small flashlight with UV light capability for $10.78 is no small deal in its own right.

So while the Mini Digital Microscope for iPhone 4 may not be for everybody, there’s plenty of value here, and plenty to like.

The Good

Variety of uses

Simple to use


The Bad

Very niche

Only fully works with an iPhone 4


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