Samsung, 850 PAVV PDP 50”, 58”

Samsung announced they released the full HD 850 PAVV, a 50” PDP (Plasma) “Finger Slim” with a thickness of just 29mm same as LED TV which they have already released, as well as being 40% more power efficient that Samsung PDP previous Generation TVs and 20% lighter (26kg).

850 PAVV 50” PDP TV feature DLNA Support, Samsung’s Full HD Crystal Engine, “USB 2.0 Videos” which gives you the possibility to watch DivX photos, videos or play your MP3 directly from an external HDD or USB Thumb key to your TV.

If 50” is not enough for you, Samsung also happen to have 58” model ready to run. 850 PAVV 58” PDP TV is 50% slimmer than before and just weight 36kg.


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