Samsung Galaxy S II: 5 million units sold

After announcing that it sold 3 million Galaxy S II phones earlier this month, Samsung has just announced that it has now hit the 5 million mark. The phone is now on its way to hitting 10 million, and it looks like it might be doing it earlier than its predecessor, the Galaxy S. The Galaxy S II took 85 days to reach the halfway mark, while the Galaxy S took 125 days. With over 56% of Korea’s phone market belonging to the S II, it’s a phone that’s been selling very well.

Folks on this side of the world are still waiting for the first Galaxy S II devices to reach our shores, but all the recent Samsung Galaxy S II leaks tell us that the wait might soon be over. With rumors of the next iPhone arriving later this year, Samsung had best release the phone soon in order to take advantage of the market right now. How many of you will be getting a Galaxy S II phone this year?


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