Send Free SMS Mobile Using Yahoo Widget

To send free SMS from computer to mobile device you can use the Yahoo Widget. The system offering the user to send free text message (SMS) by collaborating with callwave services.

To start sending free SMS from your computer or laptop to mobile or hand phone of course you have to connect them to the internet first, And then download some application.

OK, Right now I will guide you how to get free send SMS mobile using the Yahoo Widget. The Yahoo Widget is a software system that work as JavaScript Runtime Engine in the Windows and Mac OS X which allow you to run small file called "Widgets".

You need to install Yahoo Widget software on your computer, It will help you to use callwave service in order to send free SMS from computer to mobile device. When you have done create both of them on your computer, You can freely send SMS message to any of mobile provider from around the world.

SMS message will receive in minutes by the owner of mobile. So, for the internet user those want to send free sms mobile by online without cutting their mobile's balance they can try following these steps :
  1. Download Yahoo Widget file name widgetus.exe size 11.7 MB.
  2. Install in your computer, Run the application when it is finish
  3. Start Login using your Yahoo ID
  4. To get continuing send free SMS mobile using Yahoo Widget, download Free Text Message file (widget) from Callwave (you can chose new version). Save the SMS application to your computer directory such as My Documents or My Widget, then double click on it.
  5. Before you start send SMS, you need to register first. It is free! Simply just click on register button.
  6. Enter your mobile number, country, e-mail address (don't wory, it's just to get your PIN number to verify your registration only)
  7. Submit them to verify you ID member
  8. Do the verification with your PIN number that has send to your mobile number.
  9. Enjoy to send free SMS mobile from your computer now
With these system you can send free SMS text message to mobile device to many gateway provider service such as to Indonesia (Indosat ;IM3/m3access, Mentari - Telkomsel; Simpati - XL; pro XL) United State (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Middle East (Kuwait ; MTC - Wataniya, Qatar, Oman, Emirates/Abu Dhabi/Bahrain, Saudi Arabia), India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and more others countries.


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