Sony Alpha A850 most likely discontinued

Word on the street has it that Sony’s flagship Alpha A850 SLR camera might just reach the end of the road, as B&H Photo has already posted a notice alongside the camera that “this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.” In addition, the A850 also cannot be found on sale on the SonyStyle site, so if the manufacturer does not even carry said piece of hardware, could B&H Photo’s claim be true?

Just what was the Alpha A850 all about? This 24.6-megapixel shooter is a professional grade digital SLR, and having its flagship disappear totally might just lead customers to question Sony’s commitment in the high-end DSLR market. At the moment, Sony has just one model in the US, which is the A900 that was introduced before the A850. In 2010, Sony did drop this flagship camera from several international markets.

No idea on why the A850 would be killed off since it was a close relative of the A900 in many aspects, but the conclusion leads to either two choices – Sony has a successor in line, or Sony is really going to close shop where DSLRs are concerned.


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