What is hidden in a corner of the desk or elegantly hidden on the back of the monitor, Revo Aspire 3700 is the perfect solution to meet all essential computing requirements: surf the Internet, download and watch HD content, movies and games, perform classic office programs or socialize via the optional webcam.

In a format of just 1 liter, Acer Aspire Revo 3700 offers advanced graphics capabilities for enjoying multimedia content in high definition. The design of innovative and ultra-thin makes it suitable for any environment, while the full PC capabilities make it a true entertainment hub for the whole family, to offer instant access to music, videos and photographs or transmit, and display streaming HD content.

The incredible graphics processing power of NVIDIA ION joins the processor Intel Atom D525 . ION allows Revo Aspire 3700 to offer high quality entertainment experience: watching movies in HD at 1080p , make DirectX 10 to play with a speed of images and enjoy the best 3D capabilities. Despite its small size, has the capacity graphic of a real PC. The result is a unique multimedia entertainment and high-definition quality.

Practical and versatile, easily adapts to any environment. With a special mounting system can be placed on the back of any LCD monitor or TV with VESA capacity to offer all-in-one and increase the area of work or play. VESA mounting offers the possibility of vertical adjustment so that the power button, the optional webcam and memory card reader are always perfectly accessible.

Small in size but with all the capabilities of a real PC, Acer Aspire Revo 3700 is ideal for surfing the net, daily activities, stay connected to instant messaging and watch with family or friends pictures, music and movies on a screen wide.

Even the hardware exceed expectations. In addition to being equipped with Intel Atom processor and NVIDIA ION D525 GPU, the Aspire 3700 is equipped with Revo hard drives up to 500 GB and up to 4 GB DDR3 memory , which allows fast and trouble-free performance for the most common. One Mini PCI Express slot offers expansion possibilities, while with the card reader Multi-in-one file transfer becomes a breeze.

Revo Aspire 3700 can easily be connected to a wide range of devices. The network connection Gigabyte Ethernet and optional wireless 802.11 b / g / n ensures ultra-fast connectivity to your home network, while the HDMI port allows faithful reproduction of movies in full HD.

But above all, Revo Aspire 3700 combines advanced capabilities and low power. Besides having a low power processor, a component placement and an optimized mechanical design is extremely quiet for a more comfortable environment. The absence of screws allows easy access to the interior, while the small size minimize the use of packaging materials. Compliance Energy Star is a guarantee of maximum efficiency and energy savings.


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