Best Ad placement of Google adsense For increase your Earnings

How we should place the adsense ad on Website for increase the earnings

If you want to make handsome money with Google adsense you need to place your ads properly.This article reveals that how can increase the adsense earning by best ad can also read how to approval Google adsense.

First of all i would suggest you for Read All terms and conditions of Google adsene.Up to three ad units and three link units may be placed on each page.And you can use two google search box on a page.

First of all select always stranded size of Ads like 328×280, 300×250, 160×600, 728×60.Don’t place ads at bottom of the page, place your ads on upper side of your website.For ad placement you can use a best adsense placement plugins that is “Quick Adsense “.you can download it from here.

Choose ads background colors similar (matching) to your website background (usually white) ant match the link color with your website link color.The maximum earning area for adsense is near the primary post title and content area

Adsense Ad Placement
  1. Create a adsene unit with text and images both of Size 328 x 280 and place it on After the Title of your post
  2. Create a Adsense link of unit of size 480×15 and place it on below the title of your post means you will have to paste this code before 328 x 280 size ad code.
  3. Now create a 350 x 250 adsense unit with both text and images and paste it on middle of your can do this via Quick adsene plugin easily.
  4. Now Create the 728×60 ad unite with only images and paste this ad code below your header menu (which don’t has drop-down sub menu).

Create a 350 x 250 adsense unit with both text and images and paste it on sidebar top with the help of widgets.

If you have three columns layout blogs you can use 160×600 adsense unit with text and images both and put it on sidebar for maximum visibility .

Now Put the Google custom Search Engine box on top of the sidebar. Select Google custom search results will appear on other page.

Try All above steps .I hope your earnings will boost up.


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