China; Racket-shaped Hotel

A hotel as high as 150 m, with a design similar to ping pong racket will be built in China Huainan City in Anhui province. The building was said to be built in order to increase the potential of sports as an industry in the country. The hotel, located in the area that has been planned as the Olympic park covers an area of 67 hectares, is estimated to have a total investment of about 300 million Yuan.

It will house three parts, the upper room review, the center of the room guest rooms and tourists as well as the very bottom as room with facilities for meetings and conferences. "The original idea of building this hotel is the table tennis sport. ping pong racket has a form of art and architecture that is suitable to serve as the hotel building" said Director of Huainan Municipal Sports Bureau. The complex will be designed by the May Jikui, an architect of the building structure is well-known sports and influential. The investment cost for the entire building in the park is estimated at around 1.8 billion yuan and it will be built in three phases in stages within 5 years.


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