Faster, Better, Stronger: Zune HD Hands On Impressions

As of Midnight, the Zune HD officially went on sale and I have the fortunate chance of saving enough money and picking one up today.

First things first: I really underestimated the size of this device. I walked in Best Buy and totally mistoke it for an iPod nano. It’s not the same size as a nano but I have to say, my goodness, it’s small (and very sexy looking).

The OLED is truly better than I expected. The colors really pop on the device. It gives it a nice look.

The device itself feels very packed up and rock solid. The dock connector as well as the earphones connector are located at the bottom of the device while the power button is located at the time. There’s a side button which can increase volume as well as bring up the controls screen.

The device itself when turned on has very nice visuals. The Tegra chip is powering the device and it does a good job of making it look very visual.

The Zune HD has Wifi but sadly no bluetooth. It doesn't have an internet browser which I’m yet to test. Look out for that review later. The most interesting part of the Zune: It has Apps! That’s right, the Zune HD has apps. Right now, it has only a couple of apps like weather and calculater. Popular apps like Twitter and Facebook are to come later.

Verdict: If you have been looking for an alternative to the iPod, I can actually say the Zune HD could be your answer. The iPod and Zune basically have the same features but the Zune HD has HD video out and HD radio. Whether those two are deal breaker remains to be seen.

I think the iPod Touch finally has a real competitor for now: Zune HD

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