High Heels: Wonder and Woe

This towering Gucci platform may seem intimidating at first, but its exaggerated wide straps actually make it quite foot-friendly. Gucci Gail Platform Sandals in Nero

No surprise here—high heels have been both the wonder and woe of the female sex for generations. Each season, heels inch higher and higher, leaving the stiletto-clad feet of millions in major distress. Swollen feet are just the beginning of your problems—bunions, blisters, dead or ingrown toe nails, and in worst cases, foot deformities can result from wearing uncomfortable high heels, which constrict the natural shape of a woman’s foot.

Add this to the fact that high heels are usually paired with skin-tight jeans and body-binding skirts—painful, we know, but it’s a fashion thing—and you may end up with even more discomfort in addition to your throbbing soles.

The easiest way to avoid all this (apart from making not-too-tight fashion choices) would be to wear flat shoes, of which there are a growing number of fashionable options. There are ballet flats, loafers, moccasins, brogues, sandals, and even sneakers, to fit the bill. But if you aren’t willing to give up your stiletto addiction, try to at least add more comfort to your high heels. Choose a pair with a platform in the front, as this will decrease the pressure at the toe and make walking much easier. Also, make sure that your shoes have a cushioned instep, which should lessen the amount of soreness your feet may experience afterwards.


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