How to Change Android default Boot Animation?

Today I will share about how to change your default Android Boot Animation into a new one. As we know, if you use Samsung phone, for example, when you turn on your device, you’ll see “default” boot animation for Samsung, and usually locked . And because this is Android, yes, you can change it all! With your own Boot Animation of course.

OK, here we go.

1. Root your device!
2. Install RootExplorer. You can get this app directly from the market
3.Download BootAnimation file. You can search it through Google. Here’s one of Boot Animation file, the CyanogenMod BootAnimation download it here, change file name to
4. Place the “” into your SD/MicroSD card
5. Because the bootanim locked in init.rc file, you shoulad use SamsungLoop follow this step :
    • Go to system/bin
    • Find Samsungloop file, move it to another place (up to you)
    • Rename the “bootanimation become” “samsungloop”, don’t move the file, you can find bootanimation in system/bin
    • Place (downloaded file) to system/media
    • Rename the file name on system/media. Change the extension from qmg to qm
    • Reboot your device


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