Hypertext Labs: Acer T231H, 23-inch multi-touch monitor

The latest developments in equipment All-in-One have a common denominator is that all include multi-touch screen. For the rest of the desktops are also introducing monitors with touch function and one is the Acer T231H .

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If you do you usually read Gizmodo certainly remember that my opinion on a touch screen is so big is quite strong. A touch screen to a desktop just is not necessary and useful (does not bring an extra) in everyday tasks, while having it may offer a new experience for some tasks such as showing and playing with photos. Of course, this view may be questioned and therefore we're going to try this new multi-touch monitor 23 inches to see what we offer and tell you. I can come on the impression that he left us was very good, but let's move on to examine it thoroughly.

Design and Features

We are facing a 23-inch monitor with a widescreen HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has all the buttons "hidden" so that the power button is on one side and the monitor controls at the bottom. On the back are connectors for VGA, DVI and HDMI input plus a USB (which we connect to the touch capabilities) and a sound input.

What I liked most of their external appearance is undoubtedly the type of support included. As you can see, has two front legs and the back comes with a walking foot is counterbalanced by a spring. It is designed so that you can place the screen with the desired inclination (more vertical or horizontal depending on whether you see it or handle it with your fingers). It is ultimately a very useful and simple that I found the best without a doubt.

Gestures and touch capabilities

The first thing you should consider if you want to use multi-touch is in full you must use Windows 7. I've tried it on computers with both Windows 7 and Windows Vista to verify that differences exist and they are very noticeable. The instructions set to be configured touchscreen capabilities from the control panel, but in my case it was necessary just plug in and tap the screen. It has worked flawlessly from the start, without having to configure or calibrate anything. Both systems have on-screen keyboard, whose size can modify to make it bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

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We begin with the "ideal" use with Windows 7. The monitor offers four multi-touch gestures for 2 fingers . We can do the classic expand and reduce the size, useful for navigating maps, documents, photographs or web pages. We can also rotate images leaving a finger as a pivot and drawing a bow in the direction you want on it. And finally move up / down and left to right through documents or websites. In reality, the move can also be done with a single finger.

I must say that where I have found most useful has been watching and rotating photos of the summer. The vertical displacement did not work with Google Chrome, but if I did with Internet Explorer. The horizontal displacement I used to turn the page in Word documents and PDFs.

If instead you do not have Windows 7, I tell you what you can do with this touch screen monitor, plus use it as a simple screen for your team. I've tried it with Windows Vista but, except for the keyboard, should work the same in Windows XP. (There is a version of XP Tablet Edition does include).

In short, can do the same unless it requires 2 fingers , that is, you can not zoom in / out or rotate. The whole theme of journeys, navigation and typing on the screen is keeps offering the same experience.

I have to say I've been wanting to try the Acer Touch Portal , a suite of applications to operate by touch and is included in the All-in-One Acer . Comes announced in the monitor case itself, however is not included in any cd for installation and is available for download from its website.

I have only seen the demo videos they offer. Look good and if you have a monitor of this type should download, if you make it clear. I guess being new models not yet available but will soon be.


If you want a monitor with touchscreen capabilities this Acer is a very good choice. It has a good external design, a reasonable size for a monitor and its use and configuration is as simple as plug and play it with your fingers.

In the time trial I've hardly had any problems. If anything, recommending (as it comes on-screen instructions) that you put the font size to 125% and ye study to large icons that you may be more simple and convenient.

In addition to the Acer Touch Portal added to the pack, I would recommend Acer to include a tissue or cloth to clean the screen of all dedacos that are left. While you are on and are not used, but at the end and turn off the monitor can give a bad appearance. It would be an addition that would not cost anything and we do a great service. Therefore, I give a note 9. I left a good impression and may be asked only a few small details which disposable as I said.

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