Mysterious Arabic World

People always had a special interest in all that is shrouded in mystery. Whether it's the traditions, customs, language or culture in the Arab world itself was a source of inspiration for their talent masters. But also people are afraid of what is not known, and hence to hatred of the Arab peoples is only one step.
Being different means that become dangerous in the opinion of Westerners, but who defines normality and depending on what? The world he lives? Well in this case and other people we can consider ourselves different and so proud western abnormal. In fact the problem is that people do not want to admit that everyone has the freedom to be different. I was raised in a world that tries so long merging peoples, traditions and national identity and so I got to be some toys with no backbone. Instead, if we look at the Arab peoples are proud of their origin and give their best interest to preserve the traditions and culture.

So I propose that in an attempt to get rid of this unfounded fear of the unknown face to make a foray into this world together, looking at their vast cultures.

Arabs are known for their generosity and hospitality inherited from ancient times the true Bedouins who were preparing feasts in honor of those who break the realms lor.De then until today when you are given the confidence to enter the house of the Arabs will feel the warmth and joy to have you as a guest.

The family is the key to Arab society, and respecting them and giving great importance to this aspect.Sunt preferred large families with many children at the expense of those with 1-2 children. Often you can find true clans that once formed generations gathered on special occasions parties heat up real cheerful and fun. Humanitarian spirit is also well developed, whether it be someone in your family or someone you know will not hesitate to help one in need.

Weddings are a true joy and mirth, the traditional unfolding for 3 days and having separate parties for men and women, also bringing together families spouses, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and anyone who wants to attend the blessed event and we wish to have part two of all the best in marriage.

Since ancient times the Arabs were known for their qualities of merchants, who kept up azi.De the child who knows how to talk to old people there who do not know the mysteries of Arab trade and in particular those of negotiation and only a foreigner who is ashamed to negotiate to pay as much as was originally requested by the merchant.

Hoping that I opened the appetite for knowledge on this culture advocacy finish my time here, but I will return with other issues, traditions and customs that have been preserved for centuries among the Arabs.

Article by havewill translated by google re-posted by me


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