The National Park Lençóis Maranhenses in Brazil!

In Brazil, there is a unique place, which surprised even the Brazilians. The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, located in northeastern Brazil, the state of Maranhão, near the town of Barreyrinyas.

It is an area of low elevation, flat, and at times has been affected by flooding. dressed dunes. Includes nearly 1000 sq km, and despite the abundant rains, there is no vegetation. The park was established on 2 June 1981.

The National Park is big enough and has no access roads. Due to the nature and status of protection of the park, most vehicles are not allowed access. The entrance to the park is exclusively 4X4 vehicles.

It consists of large, white dunes, and at first glance the Lençóis Maranhenses resembles a desert. In fact, there is Desert. Located just outside the Amazon basin and the area has regular rains at the beginning of the year. The rains caused a curious phenomenon: fresh water collected in the valleys between the dunes, lakesBlue and green s lagoons during July and September.

The area is also a suitable home to a variety of fish that , despite the almost complete disappearance of the lagoons during the dry season , the eggs to be transferred from the sea birds.


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