Notebook Fujitsu LIFEBOOK transformers with multi-touch display and Windows 7

Fujitsu Corporation announced a broad line of desktop PCs, notebooks and thin clients are compatible with Windows 7. In particular, the new LIFEBOOK series models now come to a new level with features of Windows 7 and Technologies Windows Touch.
Transformers LIFEBOOK T4310, LIFEBOOK T4410 and LIFEBOOK T5010 supports multitouch features implemented in Windows 7. Thanks to technology Dual-Digitizer provides intuitive data entry - the device automatically detects whether you are going to enter information using patented by Fujitsu multi-functional pen or with a simple touch of a finger, and, accordingly, works as an active digitizer, or as a touch screen. Windows Touch Technology is a multisensory and can simultaneously identify touching several points, providing faster and more convenient user interaction.
Fujitsu introduces its technology TwinLoad also running Windows 7. The technology allows customers who purchased new equipment, to defer the installation of Windows 7 at a later date when the OS finally gets spread in their corporate environment. This option is giving users a possibility to switch between Windows 7 on Windows XP, and the subsequent upgrade to Windows 7. On the DVD-ROM «TwinLoad» contains the operating system, additional software installation and drivers that will install seamlessly in automatic mode. This offer is valid for business notebook LIFEBOOK, ESPRIMO Mobile.
For all PC and laptop companies Fujitsu, acquired in the period between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010, operates a proposal to update the operating system to Windows 7. Those who are in these terms acquire new equipment will also be given the opportunity to install a free licensed version of Windows 7.


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