Popular Style: 3/4 Sleeve Striped Dress

5 celebrities are rocking the exact "same" Express "3-Quarter Sleeve Striped Dress" however they all worn the same dress differently! So just because you own a stripe dress doesn't mean everyone is going to wear it the same.. you can do more with it than you know!

It is 3/4 sleeves, sweater material type striped dress. Do you own any? I honestly have a few but I can't seem to dress it up or down but I got inspired by the celebrities dressing it up so I got a sense of idea! I feel that these type of dresses are great for fall/winter time because it's a dress yet it keeps you warm at the same time.

Same Dress, 5 Different Styles; from Left to Right

Amanda Seyfried is wearing the outfit very simple. She is wearing black shades and just flip flops.

Emmy Rossum wore a sun hat with flip flops.

Zoƫ Saldana belted hers to add a figure to it with aviator sunglasses and a swingpack style hangbag and sandals plus red lips to match the striped dress.

January Jones wore sandals, slate bag and wore red framed sunglasses to match her outfit.

Olivia Munn wore knee-high boots with gold necklaces

A way I would style this dress is with gold accessories because I feel that red goes well with gold. I would wear gold flats, gold hoops.. basically lots of GOLD!


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