Walkin' On Snow

The faux fur around the top of the upper part is striking and the wedge heel gives you the height you are seeking without making it too uncomfortable to walk in.

The snow season is beckoning in parts of the globe where it snows (of course!). I haven't seen snow for real let alone walk on them. I dream of walking on them but scared of the chill it will bring. Maybe soon, we shall see but for now I am content with just checking out pretty shoes to shield the footsies from the harsh cold.

Faux fur trim is always a popular choice for winter, and this year, faux fur accents are especially hot. I also love the fact that these stylish winter boots have just a bit of a dressy feel to them. So, while they may not be rugged enough for really icy conditions, they will for sure do what it's meant for them to do.


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