Asian car show girls wearing body paint

I love the motor shows in Bangkok. They have two of them each year. What gets me out to them is the hottie car show girls. In recent years they have become a little more conservative the way they dress. But it looks like the car shows in some Asian countries have not suffered this same fate. Cute Asian car show girls wearing body paint. Now that's what I'm talking about.

This has to be taking things to the very limit as far as what the booth babes can wear at the car shows. We never get to see this in Thailand. So maybe one day I will have to travel to Japan or Korea to see the more outrageous examples of promotional model costumes.

They are cute and sexy, and wearing little more than some body paint as they work the booth at the motor expo. Notice the girl in the back. She is a presenter (has the microphone headset on). Normally the presenter-pretties make more than the plain pretties. But I'm wondering if the girl with the body paint gets a little extra for wearing so little.

A girl has to be pretty confident to parade around in an outfit like that, if you can call it an outfit. No shy girls need apply for that position. What would be fun is the pretties dressed like this giving product demonstrations. Choose almost any automotive product or accessory, as long as it requires a lot of action to demonstrate. Nobody is going to leave your booth if there is lots of jiggling going on.


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