The best foods for "sex"

If you have "problem in sex", You should not worry, by improving the ability to "love" is not as hard as you think. Simply by adding these vitamins as well as'' functional foods "back into the daily diet.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A work not only for the eyes (sight and it helps prevent dry eye phenomenon), but it also acts as a "wonder drug" for women in the story "pillow blanket. "

Vitamin A helps you to feel excited, easier to "peak" when "for combat. " Moreover, glands and tissues in the "triangle" also received the stimulus to secrete more mucus, making conversation, "love" for you to become easier.

For vitamin A supplementation for the body, you can eat additional foods rich in vitamin A such as liver, eggs, butter, cheese, carrots ...

Vitamin B group vitamins

The deficiency of the vitamin content of group B vitamins especially vitamin B2 and folic acid levels in the body is the "culprit" causing drought phenomenon where "restricted areas".

Additionally, if you are intending to conceive, you should note to add foods rich in folic acid daily diet.

Foods containing large amounts of folic acid such as watercress, lean meat, chicken, fish, soy, peanuts and bananas. Also you should eat vegetables supplemented with dark green like spinach, cabbage, avocado, citrus, broccoli ...

Vitamin C

Enhance the vitamin C in the body meant to help you quickly improve "sex" for yourself.

For women, the vitamin C can stimulate libido, increased libido. As for the god men, sex education experts gave evidence, indicate that the addition of from 500 - 1000 mg vitamin C per day will help improve the quality and number of "seed", reducing risk of sperm deformities.

Vitamin C concentrations in green vegetables and fruits like kiwi, oranges, tangerines, watermelons, strawberries ...

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered a vitamin capable of effective antioxidant, it is capable of protecting the egg cell of women from the harmful factors.

Want to increase Vitamin E the body is not difficult at all, you simply add the foods back into the menu every day, such as eating sunflower seeds, vegetable oil, margarine, avocado.


Zinc is one of the leading types of viagra for both men and women. Zinc can help you quickly improve and enhance the quality of intercourse, especially men, it also helps to produce sperm "quality efficiency and much more.

You can find zinc in foods such as oysters, vegetables are dark green, dark bread, brown rice, lean meats and turkey.


Metabolic processes in the body's hormone oestrogan women depends largely on manganese.

This also means that the deficiency in the body content Magan makes you easier to trouble the dry burning "enclosed areas" as "sex."

To improve the situation, the meals you eat daily added foods such as spinach, pineapple, beans, barley.

The essential fatty acids

Do not think everything fatty acids are harmful to the body, which besides fatty acids also have harmful fatty acids that are beneficial to health and sex.

Experts recommend sex linoleic acid supplementation through foods such as vegetable oils, peanuts, soybeans to enhance the process of sperm.

The antioxidants

Vegetables and fruits are foods that contain large amounts of antioxidants, help reduce your risk of ovarian cancer. Moreover, we also have the ability to "neutralize" these compounds harmful to your health.

To improve "sex", besides vegetables and fruits generally, you should also add spices and foods like garlic, onions, carrot, ginger, ginseng, dried plums, Artichoke.


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