How to add Disqus comment box on Blogger blog?

Blogger introduced post embeded comment form after a long time. Though it has all the functionality, look-wise Blogger blog is not very attractive. If you are looking to add more professional looking and functional commenting system to your Blogger blog – checkout Disqus. It is a universal commenting system that is more user friendly and very easy to manage from Disqus interface.

Add Disqus to Blogger blog
  1. Goto Disqus website and click get started button.
  2. Add your Blogger blog details like: URL, website name & short name.
  3. Then click done button and select Blogger platform on next page.
  4. Download your exisiting blogger blog template on the computer. For this, login into your Blogger account and goto template > edit HTML
  5. Then upload the downloaded template file to Disqus for auto addition of Disqus code in your template. You will get modified template code.
  6. Goto Blogger Edit HTML, make sure Expand Widget Template option is checked and paste the modified template code in edit HTML template code area. Then click save change button.
  7. Go to Settings > Comments and change the Comments Default for Posts to New Posts Do Not Have Comments. Your Blogger blog should now display Disqus comment box on single post pages.

New comment form has more field like we usually have on WordPress powered blogs. Comments are neatly formatted and you can subscribe to RSS feed to follow up comments. Besides, users of Disqus can directly comment on your blog using their repestive IDs for more connected approach. You can moderate comment on blog by logging into account at Disqus website. Give Blogger comment box a Disqus makeover!


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