Twilight in the White House|Samal Island

The White House as named by local folks in Samal Island. This house years ago is one of the vestigial point when looking through Samal Island. When i was young my friends in Davao City usually ask me, ” have you gone to that White House that we often see in Samal island?” I answered them, ” yeah, I’ve been there twice but it’s too far from my house.

Took me 15 years to visit again the White House (Balay Ni Moncado), I was amazed how time passed that the house wasn’t restore. Although, I truly admire now it’s heritage that it brought through the island.

Moncadian or Moncadista as we commonly call the members, for they are raw vegan eaters. They practice strict fasting either from dry to liquid fast thats truly unique in their way of living. Inside their houses you will observe that they don’t have stoves. They eat their foods in raw. Their teaching is based in Man’s Moral concepts teach by Gen.Hilario Moncado.

Taking an inside tour in the Moncado hall brings back the old history of the people in Samal Island. I believe that there existence in that time was more significant for they have acquired certain advancements and influence in the island. Their pioneers have provided them lands, agricultural practice and even way of living that are truly a raw vegan eating habits. Such practice way back in Samal island was consider strange and often scrutinized by the common folks around.

The White House ( Balay ni Moncado) is a two storey house with an attic. The second floor which house the General’s room provides splendid view of the Davao Gulf, which fascinates me a lot personally. I could’ve imagine how magnificent the gulf was way back 80 years ago

The second floor has a veranda that provides magnificent view of Davao gulf. Both sunrise and sunset are astonishing features here in this side of the island.

The White House way back time was such a grandeur as one old folks said that it was a stunning features in Samal island that people from the city will literally be intrigue by its features.

Today, this place are slowly dilapidated left in time, thus,some parts of the house are slowly rots and eaten by termites.

One of the problem here in Samal Island is that nobody tries to preserve the old heritage of Samalenyos pioneers. They said history defines the place yet here slowly the important landmarks are left behind. Like for example the Kimura house was destroy and replace it with the resorts for commercial use.

I am appealing for everyone that there are few left to be restore in Samal island lets not forget the importance of the past. Yet let us pondered how we developed this island through time. As part of this island I am appealing to preserve our few remaining historical sites. Let this White House be preserve and roll up our sleeve to help restore old heritage in Samal.

We are prying on tourism, yet we neglect the fact that this old White House ( Balay ni MOncado) can attract more tourists.


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