Basic Tips on How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is the one of the most universal health menaces that affects our world today. And because of the increasing information about the menaces of smoking cigarettes available to most cigarette smokers, many of them now wish to know how to stop smoking cigarettes. Stopping smoking cigarettes is becoming a supreme health intention for many.

Here is a short facts on what smoking cigarettes does to our body: Cigarette smoke contains plenty of chemicals that insidiously invade the body and impact it detrimentally. Carbon monoxide, for example, displaces oxygen in the bloodstream and reduces the amount of oxygen available to the body. Benzene, the by-product of most cigarette smoke, is a noted carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). Tar accumulation in the lungs, congest the alveoli, and make breathing difficult. However, the most detrimental chemical in cigarette smoke is nicotine. Nicotine loosens up and comforts the body. However, it is habit-forming so that every time more nicotine is required to supply the same calming effect that it supplied before. This results in more cigarette smoking - and thus more damage caused by chemicals.

With all these facts in front of us, the first action to stopping cigarette smoking is to list down this reality, as well as other motives you have to stop smoking cigarettes. This list will help you remember the potential advantages that you can gain when you quit smoking and allow yourself to reassess your life compared to your future life after stopping. Equipped with this, it is now time to set a actual date for stopping. This is because there are research documents that indicate that we often are wrong about the number of cigarettes smoked when gradually reducing cigarette smoking (we may think that we are smoking 3 a day when in reality we are smoking 6, or we may rationalize by saying to ourselves "It's only 1 cigarette... Next time, I will reduce"). Setting an exact day takes away the desire. You can also enlist a few of your smoker friends or family members to quit all at once, after making them aware of the health perils of smoking cigarettes. It is better to influence each other than to be left in the dark and alone about what to do with smoking.

And with that, it is now time to take away all smoking kit - cigarettes, cigarette boxes, lighters, and ashtrays. Replace them instead with post-it notes or reminders on stopping smoking.

Now, because many people smoke automatically - many people light up cigarettes without even knowing it on some occasions like while calling someone on the phone, while watching TV, or while lying on the sofa - the quitting period is a time of great self-awareness. It is significant to know at which times we wish to smoke, so we may regularly catch ourselves off guard. (Telling someone who is a member of the same household to continually remind us can also help, as it provides an added layer of external inspiration to our internal motivation.) Meanwhile, we can replace all the idle moments in which we are most likely to smoke with creative occupations, like sports, exercise, reading, or volunteering in the community.


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