How to Add the Facebook Like Button to a Webpage

Faceboook has recently introduced the “Universal Like Button” at the F8 Developer Conference. So what does this “Like” button do? Visitors to web sites can thumbs-up individual pages with one click and publish that to Facebook.

From Facebook founder Zuckerberg, “using the like button as the glue to link Facebook to everything else and understand his users much more”

Shiv Singh, Razorfish’s global social media lead. “It’s a data goldmine.”

From Advertising Age
Facebook’s new tools, including the like button, activity feeds for other Facebook users and recommendation engines, are designed to embed Facebook functionality on outside websites. With like buttons on 75 sites, including publishers such as CNN and the New York Times, from day one, Facebook expects to serve more than 1 billion buttons in the first 24 hours. Once a user likes a page, the publisher gets a link on the user’s page, and means to later publish to that user’s newsfeed.

So how do you join the thousands of sites that have already added this Like button. Here is the best post to exlpain how to do it fro any type of site you may operate:

How to Add the Facebook Like Button to a Webpage

They even have a great WP plug-in for it: Facebook Like Button Plugin for WordPress

So every time you click the “Like” button on any site offering it, the link will show up in your RECENT ACTIVITY feed. Like it or not.

So what do you think about this new “Like” button? I know I personally use it a lot on FB. I usually click it when I am to lazy to comment in full.


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