Samsung Galaxy S2 - Is It Better Than The HTC Sensation?

A comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation

If you’re in the market for a high end smartphone at the moment the two names on your list are likely to be the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Galaxy S2 has just reported worldwide sales of over 10m units so sales wise at least the S2 is running way ahead of the Sensation. Let's have a quick look at the 2 phones and see which comes out best.

Sensation vs Galaxy S2 Processor and Memory

Spec wise both phones run a dual core processor but in terms of storage the S2 is a clear winner coming with 16GB compared to a comparatively miserly 1GB on the Sensation.


Both phones have good sized 4.3 inch screens but the Sensation manages to squeeze in a higher resolution, 960*540 against 800*480 on the S2. In day to day usage this means you can fit more stuff on the Sensation’s screen with text appearing sharper. That said the S2 features Samsung’s unique Super AMOLED display which really shows it’s worth when you’re viewing photos and especially videos, the screen is much brighter and generally nicer to look at.

Case and Styling

Of course looks are a matter of taste so we’ll try to stick to facts rather opinions here. The S2 is physically longer and wider than the Sensation but much slimmer – Samsung have made great play of the S2’s remarkable 8mm width. The S2 also tips the scales some 30 grammes lighter. To our eyes the S2 looks a bit boring, being just a plain rectangle while the Sensation makes an effort with a nicer curved design. The Sensation also feels sturdier and better able to stand up to 24 months usage. Both phones are available in black or white.

Sensation vs Galaxy S2 Deals

Price is a factor for most of us and in this area the Sensation is a winner. The cheapest Sensation contract deal available today comes with a free phone, 300 minutes and data for just £20 a month. The best Galaxy S2 deal is £25 a month today - with a free phone. You can review all of today’s offers on both phones using the links below.

Compare Galaxy S2 deals
Compare HTC Sensation deals

To be clear, neither of these phones are going to disappoint but overall we’d go for the extra storage and nicer screen of the Galaxy S2 against the better looks of the Sensation.


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