Setting Load Balance of TP-Link TL-R480T+

I had a chance to set Load Balance the Forum, but I'll do a separate internet games. Most Linux users do not see the net, but a separate game. I do not understand, I like. He's buying his own equipment.

An overview, but roughly I do not have a router 2 has Loadbalance and Switch 24 port. The second router that is set to bridge mode already. And connected to the router with a 5 Wan1 and Wan2 amazing Wan1 and the router is connected to the 10's against the Wan2.

I just want to give customers time to play the game. It will leave the game automatically. And if they play it out to chat with the Internet using Load Balance TP-Link TL-R480T+ is the decision to split the signal.

I love the display settings, I see that was the problem.
I have already enable the wan1 and wan2 and Enable the Extra IP Address ..........
Here you can see the screenshot taken below.

Then click on the Extra IP Address dispatch rules, then the port is set to run as to WAN 1 port 1-3000.

As it is shown here in the screenshot below.

The picture is of the opinion that the remote port is 80, it also runs a network WAN2 the Sei of the 10 amazing game. The setting is wrong with that go to the port 1-3000 WAN1.


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