Sony Tablet S HoneyComb Tablet Available Now In The UK

UK consumer, be cherished because Sony Tablet S is going to available exactly tomorrow on September 17! If you have pre-ordered the tablet since the last few weeks, you might be able to get it tomorrow or in the next two day. According to what the source has tipped, it seems there is some sort of special treat for the first 100 lucky customers. They are going to get a free Sony Bravia TV that worth about GBP400 for purchasing this Sony Tablet S!

It’s a crazy treat, and I’m sure it would make lot of Sony fans crazy for this tablet. We haven’t had chance to play with the Tablet but you can read the preview done by Ubergizmo. It’s a thick (ops, I should really say it is thick!) tablet with slanted rearplate to imitate a folded magazine.

This Android tablet is more than just a tablet system because you can also use it as an universal remote controller. It’s an amazing tablet, just a little bit “chubby” from the side, but it’s as light as an iPad 2.

US market will get it soon after UK. Hopefully, US’ early birdies will also get the special free Bravia TV treatment!


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