Windows 8

 credit image to brothersoft
Windows 8 is an upcoming version of Microsoft Windows operating system, which is expected to be launched in 2012. The distinguishing feature of Windows 8 is going to be its focus not only on traditional desktops and notebooks, but also on wide range of other mobile devices, including tablets. This new OS will work on CPUs with x86 microarchitecture as well as on those supporting ARM.

credit image to windows8beta
Other key features of Windows 8 will be improved power management, support of USB 3.0 interface, Bluetooth 3.0, and support for wireless and stereoscopic displays. Moreover, it will also support accelerometers, hard drive encryption, GPS in netbooks and notebooks and 3G and 4G modules.

Windows 8 will have a number of new security tools, which will make failure diagnostics and correction much easier.

Ribbon Interface concept will also become very popular. This concept will bring modular ribbon interface not only to individual system programs (like WordPad, Paint, etc.), but also to Windows Explorer. Also Microsoft is planning on launching Windows Store service, which will offer very similar functions like the ones App Store offers for iPhone. This service will be integrated into the OS.


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