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User Guide for Zyxel P-660R-T1 V2 / P-660R-T2 V2 / P-660R-T3 V2


This document applies to:
  • P-660R-T1 V2
  • P-660R-T2 V2
  • P-660R-T3 V2
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Chapter Summary

The MAC Encapsulated Routing Link Protocol (ENET ENCAP) is only implemented with the IP network protocol. IP packets are routed between the Ethernet interface and the WAN interface and then formatted so that they can be understood in a bridged environment. For instance, it encapsulates routed Ethernet frames into bridged ATM cells. ENET ENCAP requires that you specify a gateway IP address in the ENET ENCAP Gateway field in the second wizard screen. You can get this information from your ISP.

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Telephone Microfilters
Telephone voice transmissions take place in the lower frequency range, 0 - 4KHz, while ADSL transmissions take place in the higher bandwidth range, above 4KHz. A microfilter acts as a low-pass filter, for your telephone, to ensure that ADSL transmissions do not interfere with your telephone voice transmissions. The use of a telephone microfilter is optional.

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Features of the ZyXEL Device
Table 1 ADSL Standards


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