AirGo Outdoor Speaker adopts AirPort Express, shrugs off rain

Sure, you could buy an outdoor speaker with native AirPlay support, or you could stuff that spare AirPort Express you have laying around into the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station. This weather resistant speaker forgoes the usual baked in BridgeCo silicone for an integrated AirPort Express dock. Of course, this kind of ad hoc integration isn't cheap -- the AirGo will set you back almost $400, and that's without an Apple AirPort Express.

The AirGo's AC cord (that's right, no batteries) ensures that you won't get too far into the great outdoors with this rig, but Russound's CEO is confident that weather won't be a problem. Rain? "Break out the Slip 'N Slide," he says "and continue to rock on." Sounds good to us. Slide on past the break for the official press release.


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