Barry M Limited Edition Foil Effects

Guest Post By Lauren Alice

I spotted this last week in Superdrug. I'm so fickle, the "Limited Edition" banner made me immediately grab a bottle and run to the till. I didn't even really look at the colour!

It's a frosty metallic silvery lilac. The colour is very dense, pearly and the formula is of a good consistency. I did find that it showed brush strokes and any flaws on your nails so make sure you buff the hell out of them before using it. I'm not really a lilac fan, the colour doesn't suit me and I hardly ever wear it, but I am looking at getting one of those nail stamper things and I think this could be a useful colour to have in the stash. It won't break the bank at £3.99 and if lilac is your colour then you are going to love love love this!

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