Can honey be consumed by a diabetic person?

Honey, the most used apiarian product, was created by Mother Nature to be nutritious, energizing, friendly, helpful and curative. 99,99% of the population tolerates this product well or very well . Even the 0.01% of people which can experience real adverse reactions to honey can use it in specific conditions.
Honey which has an average of 38% fructose, 31% glucose and various other polysaccharides such as sucrose, can not be considered in any way a recommended food for a diabetic person. However, it can be integrated in the diet of a diabetic, but only in a strictly case of rationing the carbohydrates that are daily allowed for a balance of the disease.

The presence of fructose in honey makes it dangerous for a diabetic. On one hand, in body the fructose is quickly transformed into glucose determining the increase of the glucose level. On the other hand, it is taken through a series of liver metabolic ways, that leads at the production of triglycerides, fats that are discharged in blood, where it can train an increased risk of atherosclerosis.

Any type of honey rich in glucose can not be used in any diabetic therapy or to be of a therapeutic help in the case of diabetes, whatever the clinical presentation.

We report that in case of the insulin treated diabetes, honey can be very useful especially for an accidental overdose of insulin which causes a state of hypoglycemia that can lead to coma. In this case, the patient should take a spoon of honey immediately in order to quickly bring up the glucose level in the blood and move the dramatic effects of insulin overdose. What we have here a simple way to save the life of a diabetic person. The whole family of a diabetic should be aware of it.

Diabetes can be caused by many factors, including too little insulin, an imbalance of secretion of hormones from pancreas, too much refined carbohydrates and an insufficient contribution of chromium and other minerals.

However it should be noted that unfortunately, the problem of using honey by a diabetic is a controversial subject among the specialists.


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