Deckstool : Furniture Created From Broken And Recycled Skateboards

If you are looking for something a little more original to sit on, you might enjoy these Deckstools, created from broken and recycled skateboard decks.

Unfortunately broken skateboards are part of skateboarding and are usually destined for the landfill. But Deckstool use and recycle these unwanted broken pieces in to, high quality furniture and other creations, and even uses the old trucks as anchors in between.

Deckstool creator explains:

“The deckstool began when my brother Adam handed me a pile of his old, broken skateboard decks and asked me to turn them into a piece of furniture. Looking at the decks, I was inspired by the consistent way they were broken.”

“The goal of deckstool is to support skateboarding and skate-related causes through our recycling program and continue to turn tons of trashed skatedecks into beautiful, useful products that last!”

To check out the range of stools and seats available jump over to the Deckstool website.

Source: Yanko


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