Does Google Adsense work with the site ""?

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from: jenthefrugalista

I have a blog with I have tried in many ways to ad the Google adsense ad's to my blog's website but it's not working. I am using the widgets to insert the html code. Once I save the code and go back to view my blog there is an empty space where the ad should be.

I was reading through comments on onsugar's website and I saw that many people were having the same issue and that Onsugar's Help Community was aware of it. The comments ended with Onsugar stating that google has disabled Adsense for Is this true? Why would this be?

I have also contacted to get to the bottom of this.

Any information would be great. Thanks a bunch!

Answered: PeggyK

I checked in the sandbox ( and it does indeed appear to have had ad serving disabled.

Why does that happen? Google may disable ad serving when there are policy violations on a domain.

Just doing a search of the domain shows that they have tons of blogs seriously violating AdSense policy - sites selling Viagra, sites with adult content, sites promoting online casinos, etc. It appears that they have not been moderating the content people post on their site at all, and it's likely all that will have to be cleaned up before ad serving can be re-enabled.

Only the folks at OnSugar can fix this and as you indicate they are already are aware of the problem. There is nothing you can do.


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